Humpback Whale Research Expedition

We are extremely excited to share with you some awesome news!! The researchers from Humpback and Highrises have selected The Scuba Coach (Gold Coast Dive Adventures) to run their 3 day Whale Research Expeditions on our vessel ‘Blue Manta’. This is a true experience of a lifetime. Dates are already set with some more details to be confirmed. We also assist with administration including the booking process. Joining this trip will support the research as HHR are a not for profit organisation. Here is the booking form link for more information and in case you wish to jump on board early and get up close with the humpback whales. An outline of the trip is provided below.

The team around Dr. Olaf Meynecke from Humbpack & Highrises welcomes you to the experience of a lifetime. You are about to join world-class research and help to protect whales through our Healthy Whales research and monitoring program. Learn about humpback whales and other marine life on the east coast of Australia and visit the fastest growing region in Australia.


  • 3 days of research activity
  • 2 days of on-water survey and sampling activities
  • Limited to only 6 guests
  • Laboratory work and presentations at Griffith University
  • 2 nights accommodation included
  • Optional accommodation on Sunday night available
  • Team dinner on Saturday night

In the past more and more whales have stranded as a result of starvation or with injuries.
The underlying reasons and trends of this recently noticed issue is unknown. Through Dr. Olaf’s research over the past few years he was able to link certain environmental conditions such as increased water temperature to changes in humpback whale migration. Such shifts likely result in longer migration times
and consequently in deterred health.

You will be able to assist Dr. Olaf to determine the causes such as shifts in response to ocean warming and find ways to determine whale health using new and exciting techniques. You will be helping with the collection of important behaviour data, monitoring data, health assessments and assist with mucous collection and remote aerial surveys. If you want to learn more about the complex life of a humpback whale, Dr. Olaf encourages you to read some of HHR publications and other material that describes humpback whale behaviour.

Dr. Olaf Meynecke will be your researcher on this expedition. After living and researching in south-east Queensland for the past 12 years he has gained a detailed understanding of the surrounding marine environment and he is happy to share his extensive knowledge with you. Dr. Olaf, his research assistant and your captain will ensure that you have an amazing and safe experience with some of the largest animals on earth whilst ensuring their future wellbeing. READ MORE

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