Scuba dive the world – Overseas diving holidays

It seems bizarre to compose a guide to the best locations outside of Australia to dive, especially when Australia is regarded as one of the premier sites in the world to find unparalleled marine fauna and flora, wrecks and landscapes. Despite that, people often grow weary of diving familiar waters and look further afield to experience new oceans, species and the culture of different continents. Here is a guide of the most affordable (based on the prices procured from SkyScanner), and in turn most intriguing countries to visit and dive this year.


Scuba Dive New Zealand

The cooler waters of New Zealand are easily accessible from Australia and for $300 the possibility to dive in kelp while searching for the the mesmeric sea dragons New Zealand cannot be overrated.


Scuba Dive Indonesia

Indonesia is another perennial favourite; the dive sites of Komodo, Gili and Bali are recurrently regarded as some of the best in the world. The opportunity to dive in fast current, crystal clear waters with some of the largest marine mega fauna in the ocean is a glorious experience. The fact that the food and accommodation is cheap only adds to the allure of Indonesia.


Scuba Dive Thailand

Thailand is not far off on the price. Divers can visit the warm waters of the Andaman Sea, Koh Lipe and Koh Tao in the hope of a whale shark encounter.


Scuba Dive the USA

The states are next on the list, and here there is plenty to do. From the sandtiger shark (grey nurse shark) migration and wrecks of North Carolina to the manatee’s of Florida’s crystal river the warm water diving is sensational. Some brave souls might even make their way to Seattle to dive with six gill sharks and giant pacific octopus’ in the Puget Sound.


Scuba Dive Fiji

Fiji’s Beqa Lagoon is a closer trip and similar in price to that of the USA flight. Tiger sharks and bull sharks are the prize here as well as a rich pacific culture and incomparable hiking.


Scuba Dive the Maldives

The Maldives are attainable at a budget price and the recommendation is a liveaboard trip where divers can see all sorts of species on deep walls and current filled lagoons.


And the list goes on

Japan’s Okinawa, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands are a little steeper in price. Get lost in the relics of time as you explore the WWII wrecks in the deep lagoons. Rounding off the list are two of the more remote locations yet no less impressive in terms of their diving, the first may surprise, yet English waters are home to a plethora of life. The Farne Islands in the north of the country are populated by grey seals and basking sharks. Combined with a rich history along a beautiful coast England is only $950 return flight.


Scuba Dive South Africa

Last but not least is South Africa, known for their shark species and offshore sardine run, there may not be a place with such high intensity diving with big creatures at sensational low costs.


How to book an overseas adventure?

When it comes to overseas travel, you should really join a reputable dive travel provider in order to make sure all local arrangements are made properly with safety being the number 1 priority. You can book an overseas diving adventure via certain local PADI dive centres, PADI Travel or companies such as Dive Adventures or Always Dive. All of them have a solid track record in overseas travel.