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At Gold Coast Dive Adventures, we treasure our people who make our operation smooth, fun and safe. We know that our success is born collaboratively. We are not just a workplace, we are a community that looks out for each other and loves nothing more than showcasing our beautiful dive sites.

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Harrison Cottrell


Harry is a highly experienced, qualified and passionate diver, surfer and skipper.  Harry has undertaken well more than 4500 dives and can teach any specialty you desire.  Harry’s passion for understanding the ocean ecosystem and protecting this underwater world has defined him since childhood.  Harry started his diving life along the QLD and NSW coast but he has also dived and held positions around the world including Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Borneo. Fiji, Italy, South Africa, Panama, Guatemala and Costa Rica. Harry is our main MSDT PADI Dive Instructor, and due to his love of and desire to, save our shark populations, is the main driver of the GCDA shark diving project that runs over the winter months. Although diving is his passion, you will, from time to time also find Harry at the helm of one of our Custom Built dive boats.

Sebastian Lovera


Seb is a PADI MSDT and our Master Skipper.  Seb formed a deep connection to the ocean which fuels his desire to unite people with the beauty and vulnerability of our marine world.  Seb is another of our highly qualified and experienced dive instructors with more than 4500 dives.  Seb started his diving career in Egypt in the Red Sea and has dived many parts of our globe before moving to QLD. Seb is known for his ability to identify more ocean species than any other persons we have ever come across and he also seems to have an underwater sign for each and every one of them. Seb is a remarkable and considered Dive Instructor and Scuba Teacher and has been commended in this regard.  Although Seb is highly qualified as a Dive Instructor, and one of the best scuba teachers around, there is no Master Skipper better to have behind the wheels of our boats!

Mitch Bennett


There is no hiding Mitch’s obsessive love for freediving and his desire to make the Gold Coast the freediving capital of Oz. He can teach you everything you need to know about freediving and keep you safe whilst improving your breath-hold skills. But his love of Freediving makes him love scuba no less and as a highly experienced and talented dive instructor, you will often find him breathing oxygen just like the rest of us.  Mitch runs the GCDA Freedive Fun Days and Freedive Depth Training and offers guidance and instruction to all.  Of course, that’s only when the gorgeous Mitch is not driving one of our boats.

Nicole Cottrell


Nicole is a mad keen environmentalist who loves our planet and is a serious advocate for its natural environment. As Manager of Gold Coast Dive Adventures and Gold Coast Whale Adventures, she is the person who organises almost everything. There is no problem Nicole cannot sort for you. And there are very few occasions where she is not available to assist you in whatever might be needed.  Any questions you have or any support you need in your diving journey, Nicole is at the end of the phone and is able to provide you with enthusiastic support.  Although not her main role, or even a preferred role, after months and months of cooking sausages at the daily sausage sizzle, it is clear, that Nicole’s BBQ skills are more advanced than anyone else on the team!

Dr John Cleaver

Co Owner and Chief GCDA Scientist

Dr John Cleaver is a Co-Owner of GCDA with his partner Nicole. Stepson Harry and almost Stepson Sebastian.  Not only does the delightful Doctor bring significant intellect and environmental knowledge to the GCDA team, but his undeviating calm demeanor and (sometimes) very funny humor are sought after attributes within the GCDA diving community.  John has incredible knowledge of our oceans and their marine life.  John is a constant help with pretty much everything and you will even find the lovely Doctor putting down his pens and cooking our divers sausages almost as good as Nicole’s and definitely better than Harry and Seb’s.

Mark Edmeades

Master 5 Skipper / PADI Instructor

Mark is the longest serving staff member at GCDA having been with the company since its inception. It seems that nothing can cause Mark to loose his calmness. Although a wonderful and highly experienced Dive Instructor who is regularly in the water guiding dives or teaching PADI courses in his relaxed and gentle style, Mark is our most experienced Skipper and it is more than likely you will see him at the helm of one of our vessels.  Mark has a deep love of all things ocean and remarkable knowledge of diving sites and their marine inhabitants around the Gold Coast.  As the main Skipper of our Whale Adventures, Mark also has extraordinary knowledge of the magnificent marine giants that pass our shores each winter.

Callum Puetrill

Skipper / PADI Dive Instructor

It takes some time to read about Callum as he has achieved so very much in his life to date.  He may be a gorgeous Alpine Ski and Snowboard Instructor and has worked many seasons in Australia doing so.  He also has a Diploma of Music Production and an Associate Degree in Audio.  But these are Callum’s hobbies. Callum’s great love is the ocean.   Callum is a remarkable PADI Dive Instructor and a Coxswain. As a PADI Dive Instructor, Callum has worked in his hometown of Coffs Harbour and seemingly held positions all the way up the East Coast of Australia.  Callum has sailed our ocean and has been at the helm of power-driven vessels of different sizes from 10m to 30m.  The family at GCDA is thrilled to have him onboard, and regardless of all his qualifications, he is very simply a great guy to have around,  Callum desire is to eventually achieve Commercial Skipper status. GCDA is thrilled to help him get there.

Lea Breistroff

Marine Biologist / PADI Instructor

Lea is truly a global citizen having lived, traveled and dived throughout the world. Having achieved her Open Water Certification at the age of 12, Lea was a recreational diver until the age of 20, when she earned her PADI Instructors license.  Since that time Lea has held Dive Instructor positions in Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa, Sri Lanka and in Australia at the Lady Musgrave. Lea came to Australia in 2018 to complete a Masters in Marine Biology going on to obtain a four-month research internship at COREsea on Koh Phangan as part of her thesis.  Lea brings not only extraordinary qualifications and experience to GCDA but a passion and love for all things ocean.  Lea is beautiful and brilliant, but it is her heart and her desire to help our marine environment, that make her such a highly valued member of our GCDA family.

People Liaison Officer Forrest

People Liaison Officer

Forrest is the GCDA People Liaison Officer and is responsible for ensuring all divers feel loved and cared for.  You will find Forrest sniffing around looking for hugs and pats before your scheduled dive.  Whilst on the boat, Forrest is responsible for watching for bubbles and continuing to nurture feelings of fondness towards himself with the aim of securing more pats and love. Unfortunately, Forrest is too young to have completed his scuba dive certification but spends a great deal of time honing his swimming skills in preparation. Although Forrest is a much-loved member of the GCDA family, Forrest is very aware that some people can have allergic reactions to his coat.  If this is the case, you simply need to advise GCDA and Forrest will spend a very happy day on the land, most likely enjoying an afternoon at his most favorite land destination, the Palm Beach dog beach!

Our Dive Adventures

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Our local reefs and wrecks, the most famous being the Scottish Prince Shipwreck, Palm Beach Reef and Migaloo Reef are within short boating distance approximately off the Gold Coast Seaway entrance. The reefs are flat rocky reefs with rising bommies and boulders. Visit our dive site page for detailed information.

All our trips are double dive trips unless specifically advertised as single dives or triple dives. Our 2 dive boats are fast and comfortable. We also limit maximum numbers to 8 divers to ensure maximum comfort and enjoyment.


  • Small groups of 5-8 divers max.
  • In-water dive guides
  • 2 custom built dive vessels
  • Snacks and hot soup in between dives
  • Gear hire available
  • Hotel transfers available
  • 12+ dive sites incl. The Scottish Prince and Migaloo Reef.

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