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Adventures BEYOND the Gold Coast

Australia is surrounded by world class dive sites: with a large majority of them being located within driving distance from the Gold Coast. We are passionate about diving in our backyard, of the ever amazing Gold Coast, but we also love exploring the vast array of incredible dive sites which are situated just a drive away from us. We take every opportunity we can to visit all of our favourite dive sites and we want to take you with us.

As well as offering incredible local diving we also offer exciting day trips and weekends away to some of our favourite dive sites. From the S.S Yongala to South West Rocks and everything in-between we aim to offer three to four different trips away each month to varying dive sites. Check out all of our favourite dive sites here and keep an eye on our calendar below for all upcoming trips.

North Stradbroke Island

If you haven’t been diving around North Stradbroke Island then you have missed out on the best dive sites our area has to offer. All sites are situated around large exposed and unexposed rocks and reefs around Point Lookout. Visibility is good all year around. The most popular sites are Flat Rock, Shag Rock and Manta Boomie.

This double dive is operated by Manta Lodge and Scuba Centre, the island’s only SSI and PADI dive centre, equipped with 2 custom-built dive boats. This is a half day trip ex Cleveland via the water taxi with island transfers arranged between Dunwich and the Dive Centre. The diving vessel departs directly from the beach at Point Lookout with only a short 5-15min boat ride to the sites. This is ideal for anyone with sea sickness problems.

Hire Gear

We have quality hire gear available including computers. When confirming your booking please add any gear hire requirement on the next page. To help us sizing your gear, please enter your boot size and height on the booking form.

Getting There

To Cleveland, you can travel by car or train to the Ferry Terminal and there is plenty of free parking. Travel time from the Gold Coast is approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes or 25 minutes from Brisbane CBD. The Water Taxi brings you over to Straddie in about 20min. Gold Cat (Stradbroke Flyer), departs from Cleveland at 5:45am for the morning dive or 10:45am for the afternoon double dive. The transfer from the Dunwich ferry terminal to the scuba centre is via Manta Lodges shuttle bus. The boat departure time is 7:30am. We should be back at Cleveland by approximately 2pm.

Diver Requirements

  • Be certified as a PADI Open Water Diver or equivalent
  • Must use a dive computer (we have hire computers available)
  • Must carry surface marker buoy (SMB) and whistle

Terms & Conditions

This trip is payable in full at time of booking. Simply follow the booking process to view our standard and trip specific Terms and Conditions including our cancellation policy. Please ensure you read all the fine print prior to completing your booking as this trip has some specific special terms and conditions.


  • Dive with ferry tickets, tanks and weights included – $173pp*
  • Dive with nitrox upgrade- $193pp 
  • Gear hire deal (flat fee) – $60pp 
  • Individual dive gear hire items – $10 to $20 per item
  • Transport from the Gold Coast to Stradbroke Island – $50pp
HMAS Brisbane Day Trip

The Wreck

On 31 July 2005 at a site 2.9 nautical miles east of Mudjumba Island off the Sunshine Coast explosives were detonated and in two minutes and ten seconds, the former HMAS Brisbane was on the bottom of ocean in 28metres of water. The wreck now serves as a world-class artificial reef and diving site – she has attracted divers from all over the world. Divers from open water level, to divemaster, instructors, dive shop owners and ex servicemen who served on the HMAS Brisbane all sing the praises of this great wreck dive. Sitting bolt upright the HMAS Brisbane has 15metres of water over her forward decks and 18metres over her stern. Consistently good water clarity and minimal swell makes for great diving. Its sheer size makes it an awesome sight. Water temperatures range from 17C in winter to a summer high of 27C. Visibility averages around 15 metres but up to 20 metres or more is not uncommon.

The trip

  • This is a double dive trip departing from Mooloolaba 
  • Nitrox is available for $15 extra per tank
  • We offer PADI Nitrox and Wreck specialties for an extra $200
  • This trip is also ideal to add on to a PADI Advance Open Water course

Diver Requirements

  • As an Open Water Diver, you are only able to explore the upper decks of the HMAS Brisbane 
  • You must be an Advanced Open Water diver to to explore the entire wreck
  • You must have a dive computer, torch and surface marker buoy with you (this can be hired for an additional cost)


  • Dive with tanks and weights included- $219pp
  • Dive with nitrox upgrade – $249
  • Full gear hire deal (flat fee) – $60pp 
  • Individual piece of dive equipment hire -$10 to $20per item
  • Transport from Gold Coast to HMAS Brisbane – $50
Advanced dive tours gold coast
Sea Dragon – Dragin 2 Shipwreck

Julian rocks is home to over 1000 marine species thanks to the convergence of warm and cool waters resulting in this enormous biodiversity. Whilst most species are found over a wide area of the Asia-Pacific region, a minority are endemic to this area creating a truly unique underwater experience.

The summer months bring in Manta Rays and Leopard Sharks, whilst the cooler winter waters attract the endangered Grey Nurse Sharks. In addition, turtles, rays, crustaceans, nudibranchs, octopuses, eels and a plethora of fish populate our dive sites year round.

Diver Requirements

  • Be certified as a PADI Open Water Diver
  • must carry a dive computer (this can be hired for an additional cost)
  • must have a  surface marker buoy with you (this can be hired for an additional cost)


  • Dive with tanks and weights included- $240pp
  • Full gear hire deal (flat fee) – $60pp 
  • Individual piece of dive equipment hire -$10 to $20per item
  • Transport from Gold Coast to Byron Bay – $40


Join us for a weekend away with friends. The little town of Wooli is only a 4 hour drive south from Brisbane or 3 hours from the Gold Coast and provides the best access to the North Solitary Islands. Arrive on Friday night and depart on Sunday afternoon.

The Islands are just a short 20 minute boat ride away and will provide you with some absolutely world class diving. The Islands are not only home to the temperate species, but being the southern most limit of permanent colonies of tropical species, you are certain to be amazed by the diversity of sealife. The gardens at Anemone Bay are home to myriads of Anemone Fish including the now famous Clownfish, and anywhere you are likely to see turtles, rays, and Grey Nurse Sharks as well as smaller macro life such as the numerous species of Nudibranch. The size of the Islands that make up the North Solitaries provide a variety of sites, each having its own micro habitat, and also means that there are nearly always sheltered diveable sites available.


Designed specifically for diving, the Kraken is a 12m aluminium cat powered by twin 300hp Suzuki outboards. She has twin side doors for easy entry into the water, an easy to use ladder to help you get back on board, and has a very large deck. Of course a toilet is on board for your convenience. This all makes for a very relaxing trip out at the North Solitary Islands. A delicious morning tea of hot soup and tea and cake is always served during the surface interval and you can even sunbake on the front deck and enjoy the ocean view.


Relax on the verandah overlooking the river and its bush views across to the spectacular sunsets. The accommodation comprises of self-contained and separate upstairs and downstairs units. Please note that you must bring your own linen and towel.

The Upstairs Apartment accommodates up to 10 people:

  • Double room with ensuite (first in best dressed)
  • Double room (first in best dressed)
  • 2×2 Bunks
  • Extra Mattress
  • Kitchen
  • Verandah

The Downstairs Apartment accommodates up to 6 people:

  • Double bed (first in best dressed)
  • 2×2 Bunks
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen


  • Hire gear is available at discounted whole weekend rates. Simply add it on the booking page.
  • Weights are not provided by this charter but can be arranged by us free of charge. However make sure to add this to your booking as we do not carry spare weights. Alternatively you can hire a weight belt from Wooli Dive for $15
  • A 7mm wetsuit is recomended (19-20 degree water)


  • Travel to and from Wooli (transport can be organised at an additional cost)
  • Dive equipment other than tanks 
  • Food (except for on Saturday Night)
  • Gluten free dietary requirements (enquire for costs)
  • Drinks
  • Personal spending money
  • Travel insurance
  • Linen and towels


  • %50 payment is required at time of booking
  • Balance payment is due 14 days prior to trip date


  • Arrive after 3pm Friday night
  • Settle into your accomodation and fill in dive waivers
  • Meet at 7:30am Saturday morning ready for an awesome day of diving
  • Load all of your equipment onto the shops ute
  • The jetty is just across the road
  • Load your dive gear onto the boat and assemble it
  • Depart by 8:00am for 2 dives
  • Hot soup and cake is served between dives
  • Return to the mainland by 1pm
  • Leave your dive gear locked up on the vessel
  • relax for the remainder of the afternoon
  • Dinner will be served by 6pm (BBQ or Buffet)
  • Sunday morning will start the same way as Saturday
  • Meet at 7:30am for our final two dives
  • Return to land by 1:00pm
  • There is no rush to check out, take your time packing down and cleaning up
  • Meet up for lunch at the local pub (optional)


  • Wooli has only one general store (no supermarkets etc.)
  • There is a great coffee shop located just near the dive shop open from 7:00am till 2:30pm
  • There is a petrol station (Caltex)
  • The main pub has great food (try the pizza!!!)
  • There is a bowls club right next to the accomodation
  • The accomodation should be left the way you found it (please wash dishes etc)
  • Travel time from the Gold Coast is about 3 hours and 15 minutes
  • contact us if you are intending to arrive later than 10pm
  • Let us know if you have any dietary requirements (for Saturdays dinner)
  • There is no set itinerary for Saturday Afternoon (relax and catch up with others)


  • Be certified as a PADI Open Water Diver or equivalent
  • Must display certification card on day of diving
  • Must use a dive computer (we have hire computers available)
  • Must carry surface marker buoy (SMB) and whistle


Simply follow the booking process to view our standard and trip specific Terms and Conditions including our cancellation policy. Please ensure you read all the fine print prior to completing your purchase.

South West Rocks

This weekend trip will knock off another ‘must dive’ location from your bucket list!! Drive to South West Rocks on Friday afternoon and dive on Saturday and Sunday morning. South West Rocks Dive Centre is a family owned business that operates since 35+ years.


  • Two nights of accomodation (dorm style with private room upgrades)
  • Continental breakfast
  • Light snacks between dives
  • 4 boat dives at Fish Rock Cave
  • Free NITROX air fills (must be certified)

Fish Rock Cave, the only true ocean cave dive in Australia running 125 metres right through Fish Rock which lies two kilometres south-east of Smoky Cape – South West Rocks. Fish Rock is home to a completely unique ecosystem. The temperature inside the cave is always at least one degree warmer than the surrounding ocean and the water is always clear.

The shallow entrance of Fish Rock Cave at a depth of 12 metres is a large naturally lit cavern fringed by pink gorgonian corals and teeming with enough life to fill an entire dive. You can even go up into the bubble cave and talk to your dive buddy while being five metres underwater!

The deep entrance of Fish Rock Cave is at a depth of 24 metres. You can also to see resident black cod, large wobbegong sharks, black rays and giant cuttle fish before ascending up one of the two chimneys into the main section of the cave.

Grey Nurse Sharks can be seen at Fish Rock all year round. In summer months, Grey Nurse Sharks rest in the shallow entrance of the cave, which is an awesome diving moment for even the most experienced diver! This also presents an unparalleled photographic opportunity for novice and experienced photographers. We offer a range of digital cameras for hire upon request.

Around the island the depth varies on average between 15 and 30 metres and deep gutters form perfect aggregation areas for the sharks and other marine creatures who reside here.

The western fringe of Fish Rock is washed by the currents that bring the diverse range of marine life to the area and you can expect to see lots of fish, turtles, moray eels and friendly blue groper.

The eastern side of Fish Rock is spectacular. Sheer walls plunge to an average depth of 30 metres in an area that is rarely affected by current. Boulders the size of small houses line the sea floor and are home to large wobbegong sharks disguised amongst clouds of bullseyes.

On the northern side of Fish Rock a pinnacle rises 30 metres from the sea floor to within 7 metres of the surface. This is one of the best dives at Fish Rock and is home to turtles, Grey Nurse Sharks, giant Queensland groper and
a huge variety of fish life.


  • Friday travel to South West Rocks on your own or car pool (transport can be provided at an extra charge)
  • Saturday double dive at Fish Rock Cave
  • Sunday double dive at Fish Rock Cave
  • Sunday PM, travel back home


The divers lodge is located above the dive shop. It has three large bedrooms, four showers and two toilets which are located adjacent to the bedrooms. A kitchen is located in the recreation room, with a large refrigerator to keep your drinks cold. Electric fry pans and a microwave are available to cook dinner. A Gas barbecue is also available outside for use by guests.

After diving, you can relax in the huge air-conditioned/heated recreation room which is equipped with a pool table, television, dvd, video library as well as plenty of space to just write up your log book.

– You must be certified as an Advanced Open Water Diver
– You must have a dive computer (can’t be shared with your buddy)
– You must be equipped with a torch (cave diving)
– You must have a safety sausage (signalling device)

Available at cheap “All Weekend” rates on the next page.

– Double Dives as booked with tanks and weights

– Free Nitrox
– Accommodation for 2 nights incl. linen (no towels)
– Dive Master Service incl. Dive Guide
– Add on items as selected at time of booking
– Snacks, tea and coffee on the boat between dives

– Continental breakfast

– Travel to and from Southwest Rocks (ask about car pooling)
– Food and drinks
– Personal spending money
– Dive gear other than tanks and weights


50% deposit is required at time of booking.

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