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North Stradbroke Island

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Duration: Double or Triple Dive Trip
Location: Runaway Bay, Qld

If you haven’t been diving around North Stradbroke Island then you have been missing out on some the best dive sites South East Queensland has to offer. Most of the dive sites here are situated around large exposed or unexposed rocks and reefs off of Point Lookout. Visibility is generally good all year around due to the presence of strong currents. Our favourite dive sites are Flat Rock (which attracts an incredible number of Grey Nurse Sharks during the winter months) and Manta Bommie (which, as the name suggests, has an incredible Manta Ray Cleaning station which attracts massive numbers of Manta Rays during the warmer months).

However there are so many more amazing sites around this area (Shag Rock, Boat Rock, Middle Reef and many more). Depending on your experience level some very fun, deep, adventurous drift dive sites can be found here.


  • In-water dive guide
  • Scuba dive the local Grey Nurse Shark or Manta Ray (season depending) hot spots
  • 2 or 3 tank boat dive
  • Hire gear available (add on checkout page)
  • Snacks and hot drinks provided in between dives
  • Hotel transfers available

Seasonal Dive Adventures


During these warmer months of the year, a dive site aptly named “Manta Bommie” attracts an amazing population of manta rays every year. As they are visiting this sight for the cleaning station which resides here,  long and very intimate encounters are had with these amazing creatures regularly.

Along with the Mantas, Leopard Sharks also come to town and can be found in abundance around almost all of our dive sites.


When the water starts to cool down, our Manta Ray and Leopard Shark friends start to migrate away making room for the Grey Nurse Sharks to move in and breed. During these months (even though it might be a bit colder) underwater encounters with these creatures are incredible. As scary as they look, these are some of the most placid sharks in the world and close encounters can almost be guaranteed when diving “Shark Alley”. Sharks are some of our favourite animals, so we love to take the time to educate people on how to interact with sharks, the threats they are facing, whilst also showing you how amazing these creatures are at the same time.

The number of Grey Nurse Sharks migrating to this location is during mating season is growing monumentally every year. For us, it so beautiful to be able to see the slow recovery of a species that has become so endangered.

Along with the Grey Nurse Sharks, Humpback Whales migrate through these waters at this time of year and sightings occur pretty much every trip. Underwater sightings of these animals do occur quite regularly here so book on and try your luck, who knows how lucky we will get on the day!

Please note that as with all diving, sightings of these animals is never guaranteed. We do our best to get you to the best spots and through experience we know where to find them, however we are always at the whim of the ocean and the ocean can be very unpredictable at times!

This tour will get you diving off of North Stradbroke Island at one of the 15+ amazing dive sites which reside here. As with all most of our trips we can’t guarantee exactly which sites we will be going to until the day due to the weather, but there are so many incredible sights off of North Stradbroke Island which all boast incredible marine diversity.

To check availability and to book a dive, simply check the calendar on this page. The availability is displayed live. The base price for the 2 dive adventures includes 2 tanks, weights, and surface interval snacks. Equipment hire is charged on an item-by-item basis. Simply select what you require on the booking page. Hire gear – from $10 – $20per item (select on checkout page)

  • Double dive with tanks and weights – $245pp
  • Triple dive with tanks and weights – $295pp
  • Quality hire gear available
  • Hotel transfer – $20pp

We leave departing from Runaway Bay and will either travel offshore and up the coast, but only if the weather is really nice. In most cases we take the inside route which is always calm and relaxing. Travel time is between 1 hour and 1 hour 45 minutes depending on which way we go.

Depending on the trip running there is a site for everybody at North Stradbroke. Our usual trips just require divers to have their PADI Open Water Certification or equivalent from any training organisation.

A thrilling experience!! Grey Nurse Sharks are the Golden Retrievers of all sharks. Whilst they are large sharks and have a quiet monstrous appearance, they are very relaxed predators. The Grey Nurse Shark is an endangered and protected species and its population is thankfully recovering. This tour will help you to gain a better understanding about these fascinating creatures and you will learn many interesting facts from our knowledgeable tour guides. If you like to find out more about Grey Nurse Sharks, visit the website of Grey Nurse Shark Watch, a Reef Check Australia monitoring program. You can also get involved in research by submitting ID photographs as part of this tour. These are side on photo shots that show the dark dots of the shark. These dots are a like a finger print and are used to identify the shark.

Please note that all of our dive trips are weather dependant. We strive to ensure that all of our trips are as safe as possible and at times, weather conditions mean we have to cancel trips for safety reasons. During the summer months, up to 30% of our trips can need to be rescheduled due to weather. Please be understanding and keep an eye on your phone and emails prior to your dive trip for any updates.

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