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Reef+Wreck Trip - FAQ

All of our diving products have a calendar with live availability displayed. If you click on a specific trip on a specific day, the available spots are displayed. This availability is always live. There is no need to call and reconfirm even if you book on short notice. If a trip is shown as sold out then you can still join the waitlist. For groups of 3 or more, we can schedule additional dates that are not offered in the current calendar. Email us!

Click here to start browsing dates for our reef and wreck dive trip.

All bookings must be made online. This process ensures that we can capture all required information accurately in particular questions around your diving experience. You can add hire gear through out this process. All payments are online. We do not accept cash on the day payments or credit card payments over the phone. Click here to book a reef and wreck dive trip.

Absolutely. We hire equipment on an item by item basis so you only pay for what you need. Once you start the online booking process, you will be prompted to select any extras such as hire equipment. Click here if you are ready to book.

If you experience issues with unresponsiveness of the ‘Book Now’ button, please try the alternative links below or copy and paste the book now URL into your browsers address bar (right click or keep pressed on mobile devices). You could also try to use another browser instead. There are certain android devices that that seem to not allow the booking form to open as it diverts to a new URL. These occasions are very rare but just in case, here are the alternative links.

Reef+Wreck Dive:

Advanced Dive Trip:

If you still have trouble, please call us on 0488365502.

First of all, you can order a hotel transfer with your dive booking (local area only). Otherwise, the marina is at 247 Bayview Street, Hollywell, Qld 4216. Coming from Surfers Paradise, the marina will be on your right. Drive into the marina until the waters edge and turn right. Follow along the water until you see our large fencing banners on the left hand side. The banners say ‘GoDIVE’. Another landmark within the marina is the red Marine Auction signage. The marina is not that big. Drive or walk up and down and you will eventually see our yard. Visit our contact page and scroll down to the bottom for maps and directions.

Our dive sites are generally easy dives with depths between 12m and 18m. We hardly get currents and we also provide an in water dive guide to follow along. The wreck has no areas that can be penetrated hence no wreck diving certification is needed. We generally ask for recent diving experience within the last 12 months however this is not a blanket rule and depends with your total number of dives. Someone with 50 dives would probably do fine if out of the water for 1-2 years. The most important thing is that you feel confident to dive. We can’t make this call for you. If unsure, please email us and tell us your certification level, number of dives and the month and year of your last dive. Email us!

There is no black and white answer for it. It really depends with the total number of dives and how long you are out of the water. Someone that has finished their course and has never dived afterwards for 2 years, needs a refresher. Someone with 50 dives undep???��p???������������������ ??����������???��س??����������????���@������????����������-coast-australia/”>Email us to discuss.

Please see our prices below. They are also displayed throughout the online booking process. Simply add any extras such as hire gear items or hotel transfers on the checkout page and pay online without fees. Its super easy!

Double Dive Trips (2 tanks)

  • Dive with your gear – $135pp*
  • Dives with tanks and weights – $155pp 
  • Gear hire deal (flat fee) – $60pp 
  • Dives with full gear hire – $195pp
  • Individual dive gear hire items – $10 to $25 per item
  • Hotel transfer – $25 per group and address
  • * $15 surcharge applies for Cook Island Trips


Single Dive Trips (1 tank)

  • Dive with your gear – $95pp
  • Dive with tank and weights – $105
  • Full gear hire deal (flat fee) – $55pp 
  • Dive with full gear hire – $150pp
  • Individual dive gear hire – $10 to $20per item

(Note: prices may change for particular dates such as public holidays. Check the product page for latest pricing)

Unlike the Great Barrier Reef, our reefs are rocky reefs consisting of bommies and boulders. They are overgrown with marine fauna. Some of our reefs have lots of soft and hard coral and are home to a variety of marine life including sharks, rays, turtles, nudis and the list goes on. Our shipwreck is truly special, an artificial reef full of life. We have a dive site section on our site which provides detailed information about all our sites including pictures, videos and maps. Click here to browse our dive site.

The coldest ever temperature in winter is around 18 degrees and up to 26 degrees in summer. Locals usually wear a 5mm wetsuit between 22degrees and 24degrees and a 3mm wetsuit for temperatures above 24 degrees. For temperatures below 22 degrees we recommend additional layers such as vests which we have in our hire stock. Don’t be afraid of cold water. Winter diving conditions are the best in the year and worth the freeze ;-).

Yes, we offer an in water dive guide for your convenience however we do not provide any in water refresher service. The dive guide is for local orientation only. Our sites are easy to navigate so we are happy for you to wonder off on your own together with your buddy.

Which dive is better? Morning or afternoon? It does not matter for what is happening underwater however, the afternoons usually have rougher sea conditions. If you believe you could get sea sick, defiantly book the morning dive instead of the afternoon. The Gold Coast usually has increasing winds throughout the day with the early mornings being the calmest. Note: our times are meeting times so for example, you don’t need to arrive earlier than 6:45am for the morning trip.

Double Dive Tours

The morning dive trip returns by 11:30am. The afternoon trip at about 4:30pm. Please note that these times are approximate times only. Someone arriving late in the morning can easily derail our schedule. Days with rougher seas will also add on to our turnaround time do to a lower cruising speed to and from our sites.

Single Dive Tours

o 7am dive returns to the marina by 9:30am
o 10am dive returns to the marina by 12:30pm
o 1pm dive returns to the marina by 3:30pm

Times are always indicative only and are subject to change due to weather, divers running late etc.

We can look up PADI certifications only. For this we require your full name including middle name and your date of birth. Please email us beforehand as we don’t like to leave this until the day of your dive in case there are issues finding you in the system. For all other agencies, you are required to contact them yourself and obtain proof of your certification. Australia has strict safety laws. We are unable to let you dive with us without proof of certification. Screenshots or copies are accepted.

Yes we do offer pick-ups within the Surfers Paradise area. These transfers are only available on our morning dives. If you are booked on an afternoon dive, you can easily reach us via the public transport network. There is a bus stop right at Runaway Bay Marina (Bayview Street).

We will sms you the night before with your pick-up time. It will likely be 45min prior to the advertised meeting time e.g. 6am for our morning dive. Please wait outside your building at the advised time.

Intro Diving - FAQ

12 years is the minimum age for introductory scuba diving. Note: It is possible to do a full 3 day scuba course with 10 years of age but not introductory diving as it is a more challenging experience.

Visit the product page and view the online calendar. The availability is live and you can book away even on short notice. Click here to book a dive now.

Yes – the price for the intro dive or snorkelling is all inclusive.

Visit the product page and view the online calendar. The availability is live and you can book away even on short notice. All bookings must be made online. All payments are online. We do not accept cash on the day payments or credit card payments over the phone. Click here to book a dive now.

Yes, however since this person is taking up a seat we require spectators to book as a snorkeler.

No – Whilst this experience is a PADI program, it is purely of introductory nature. You will not receive any sort of PADI certification.

The departure address is berth 91, Mariners Cove Marina, 60 Seaworld Drive, Main Beach, Qld 4217, Gold Coast. Catch the surfside bus towards Sea World or arrange a pickup through us.

12 years is the minimum age for introductory diving. You can do a 3 day certification course at 10 years.

$119 per person for an introductory dive and $69 for snorkelling.

(Note: check the booking calendar for latest pricing updates)

It’s ideal for introductory diving and snorkelling as it is protected from swells and wind. It is an island within the Broadwater so not in the open ocean. There is a beach where you are able to practice scuba skills before diving into deeper water. It’s a sandy bottom with a rockfall that provides a living space for lots of fish and other marine life. We have a dive site information section on our website with more information about all our sites. Click here to browse our dive site.

No! You should wait at least 18 hours after a single introductory dive and 24h for multiple dives before flying.

You must ring the number provided in your booking confirmation one day before your dive to confirm your pick up time. It os usually around 45-60min prior to the advertised departure time.

Yes, however the additional diver counts towards the maximum number an instructor can supervise. We therefore require your friend to book as an Intro Diver in order to guarantee you can dive together in one group. the maximum group size is 4 divers per instructor so only bring 3 friends max ;-).

Yes – If you are a group and some of you wish to dive and others like to snorkel then this is no problem. It all happens from the same boat.

The reef and wreck dive trip is for certified divers only. We could facilitate an intro dive as part of a private charter. The cost would be $795 for a group of 4 divers max.

Let’s put it that way. You are paying about $120 for a single dive in shallow water. During a scuba course, you will dive in the open ocean in a more challenging but also in a more interesting environment. The course will give you 4 ocean dives and a couple of hours in the swimming pool. It is a more relaxed atmosphere. If you think diving is your thing then defiantly go for the full certification.

Learn to Dive - FAQ

10 years is the minimum age.

Generally no, however, if you answer any question on the medical declaration with ‘YES’ then a dive medical is needed. This also applies to anyone over the age of 45 years. Click here to view the PADI medical questions. If a dive medical is needed, we recommend Dr. Allan McKenzie at Chevron Renaissance Medical, Surfers Paradise.

Yes we provide everything you need. We do not require you to purchase anything beforehand.

3 Days plus online theory in your own time. 1 day pool and 2 days diving in the ocean. The 3 days do not have to be in a row and it will depend on which course option you choose. Our standard course also includes an additional day of fun diving.

Standard Course (3+1 day) – $795pp
Budget Course (3 days) – $645pp

We pride ourselves to provide high quality training in small groups and in full compliance with the Qld Code of Practice for Recreational Diving (no corners cut). Our courses also include value adds which shall encourage you to continue diving once you are certified.

Your first dives of your course are usually conducted at the Gold Coast Seaway. Your 4th day will be offshore at our local reefs and wrecks.

It obviously depends on you. We had students that have completed the eLearning within about 8 hours so start early enough so that you can spread your studies over several days.

Chances are it will be just you and an instructor. Our average class size is 3 students per class however you are likely to be on the boat with snorkelers and other divers as well.

Simply book online. Visit our course page and go from there.

We have high quality hire gear so our recommendation is to try different masks and fins first and buy them later. Buying your own mask and snorkel is defiantly recommended as well as fins and a wetsuits. We have a  stock holding at the marina so you are able to try different types of gear over the duration of the course including wetsuits. We will also beat any competitors price from the brands we sell.

Our hire gear brands are the items we sell hence we are satisfied that these products are high quality and long lasting. Our brands include:

o Probe Wetsuits
o Waterproof Wetsuits
o Apollo Scuba Gear
o TUSA Scuba Gear

Subject to availability on the specific dive day, your friend could book onto the same dive as a normal charter.

Our Dive Adventures

Offshore Ocean Dives
Offshore Dive Sites
Years Experience
Dive Boats

Our local reefs and wrecks, the most famous being the Scottish Prince Shipwreck, Palm Beach Reef and Migaloo Reef are within short boating distance approximately off the Gold Coast Seaway entrance. The reefs are flat rocky reefs with rising bommies and boulders. Visit our dive site page for detailed information.

All our trips are double dive trips unless specifically advertised as single dives or triple dives. Our 2 dive boats are fast and comfortable. We also limit maximum numbers to 8 divers to ensure maximum comfort and enjoyment.


  • Small groups of 5-8 divers max.
  • In-water dive guides
  • 2 custom built dive vessels
  • Snacks and hot soup in between dives
  • Gear hire available
  • Hotel transfers available
  • 12+ dive sites incl. The Scottish Prince and Migaloo Reef.

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