Big change starts small

The campaign Clean Up Australia is anther great example of the oceans ripple effect. Started 30 years ago by one person, Clean Up Australia Days have turned into a national event, mobilising communities, businesses and schools to take action agains pollution.

So the next time you ask yourself what difference it makes if only you and a few others start to make a positive change towards a healthier environment, remember that what starts as a ripple can turn into a big wave!


Join our Clean-Up Dive – Reef+Wreck Clean

Everyone can contribute in some way, so we thought that a clean-up dive will be our Clean Up Australia Day event. Join our double dive trip, either in the morning or afternoon and help cleaning up our Gold Coast reefs and wrecks. We have limited numbers of catch-bags so we appreciate if you can bring your own.


Participate in cleaning up and win a great price

The person or buddy pair that collects the most rubbish will receive a free double dive with tanks and weights for a future trip!


Clean-up Dive Participant Requirements

  • Be a certified diver
  • You must wear gloves and carry a knife
  • You must acknowledge our clean-up induction on the day in regards to dangerous marine life and conduct at a heritage protected shipwreck site