In a materialistic world, traditional gifts are often discarded and forgotten shortly after being unwrapped at Christmas. Searching for objects through the shops for hours is often frustrating and exhausting and can quickly go from fun to tedious. An experience gift in the form of gift cards and certificates are often easier to arrange and in turn can be thoughtful and rewarding enabling both parties to revel in the given moment for years to come.


So, instead of more toys and clothes that clutter the home give an experience that really becomes part of you. Adventurous activities are often one of the most popular gift certificates to give to loved ones and friends due to their unique nature, whether that be skydiving or regular diving. Gift cards are usually not what people are expecting to ever receive, which enables them to be so fun, imagine the surprise and the excitement as they open the card.


Many diving organisations such as PADI offer gift cards to divers that can be redeemed over a long time period, and will never expire. For example, if the water temperature and visibility is not ideal in the month of Christmas, then why not use the gift later in the year. Individual dive centres will also offer gift cards and certificates for Christmas and other gift giving occasions. GCDA’s gift certificates can include an array of different activities or products from dive trips to and entire PADI course or whale watching tours.


While diving certificates and gift cards are not an appropriate gift for babies, toddlers and young children under 8 years old as diving is not compatible for the younger generation, anyone older will revel in an experience. Many families can enjoy gift certificates together due to many dives and holidays including all members of the group under the guidance of an experienced guide or instructor.



Start browsing our gift certificates now and simply buy them online. Our $value cards and certificates do not expire and can be used on multiple purchases. The remaining value simply rolls over.