What is the Gold Coast Dive Attraction?

The Gold Coast Dive Attraction is an artificial reef, consisting of several floating structures, anchored to the sea floor. It can certainly be named as the world’s first floating reef. The floating elements are at varying depths between 8m and 20m however, the anchor structures on the 30m deep sea bed will be a point of interest for advanced divers.

Where is the Gold Coast Dive Attraction located?

The new Gold Coast Dive Attraction site is located 2.5km off Main Beach and dead east of the historic wreck of the Scottish Prince. The boat ride to the dive site is short with only 10 minutes from the Gold Coast Seaway Entrance.

When will the dive site be open to divers?

The dive attraction dive site is intended to open in June 2021 with offsite construction currently underway.

How can I dive on the Gold Coast Dive Attraction?

According to information published on the City of Gold Coast’s website, there will be several vessel moorings for commercial tour operators as well as moorings accessible by private boats. Details about a permit fee are yet to be released.

Does Gold Coast Dive Adventures offer trips to the Gold Coast Dive Attraction?

We specialise in offshore diving and we will certainly include the Gold Coast Dive Attraction in our offering of dive sites. It is a fantastic addition to our existing nearby dive sites, increasing our options for double and triple dive tours.

What certification level is required for the Gold Coast Dive Attraction?

You should be at least Open Water certified to 18m and have recent dive experience within 6-12 months depending on your total number of logged dives. On perfect days with no swell and seas, resort dives might be possible as well.

Are there other Dive Sites on the Gold Coast?

There are already world class offshore dive sites on the Gold Coast. Unfortunately, these dive sites are not well promoted through local tourism media channels. We regularly dive on 10 different dive sites offshore. Our top 3 dive sites are;

  • The historic wreck of the Scottish Prince – Brisbane’s and Gold Coast’s best wreck dive
  • Palm Beach Reef – A Coral Reef 1km in length with a huge Leopard Shark population during the Summer Months.
  • Migaloo Reef – Only a few hundred meters away from the new Gold Coast Dive Attraction, the natural reef is a heaven for wobbegong sharks, nudis, turtles and dolphins.

If you want to find out more about our Gold Coast Dive Sites, visit our dive site library here: https://goldcoastdiveadventures.com.au/scuba-diving-sites-and-reefs-gold-coast-australia/

What are the general Gold Coast Diving Conditions?

In a nut shell, our summer water temperatures range between 23 and 26 degrees, dropping as low as 18 degrees during the winter months. Offshore visibility ranges between 5m and 15m with an average of 8-10m on most dive days. As a result, we dive all year round.

Where can I find out more about the Dive Attraction?

Visit the City of Gold Coast’s website: https://www.goldcoast.qld.gov.au/gold-coast-dive-attraction-48011.html

Youtube Video Animation: https://youtu.be/AGF58l08W8s

Cover Photo Credit: City of Gold Coast