Making a difference 

As a proud island nation, it is no surprise that there is a vast collection of impressive marine charities dotted throughout Australia. Here are three charities that have achieved a great deal in the last decade.


Australian Marine Conservation Society

Australia’s only national charity dedicated solely to protecting ocean wildlife AMCS are an independent charity that are staffed and organised by a group of scientists, educators and researchers that are advocates of the marine world and especially the unique waters of Australia. For 50 years the charity has worked on an amalgamation of issues winning the protection of various areas such as Ningaloo and the Great Barrier Reef. Members of the organisation have led campaigns to government to ban whaling, trawlers and enforced the protection of a number of species.

Examples of AMCS’ victories include the creation of the worlds largest network of marine reserves in commonwealth waters. This area increased the marine protected area from 4% to 13%, especially impressive when that figure matches the protected area of land in Australia as well.


Living Ocean

Living Ocean was founded in 2010 on the east coast of Australia by co-founders Robbi & Carol Newman and Deon & Kim Hubner. Living Ocean is a charity that promotes the awareness of human impact on the ocean through research, education, creative activity in the community and support of others who sustain ocean health and integrity.

Known best for their whale research program which builds on research that has been conducted off our coastline by their experts over many years and the Centre for Marine Studies enables students and others to become directly involved. Their link to schools is a rare opportunity for students who have the chance to experience first hand the drastic need of ocean protection. By being part of the Humpback Whale Tracking and Behavioural Study program they will see this first hand.

Through partnerships with individuals and organisations they conceive, create and coordinate campaigns that educate all layers of their community from our ‘No Plastic Please’ campaign, which is delivered in partnership with local schools, to film nights and lectures aimed at the wider community.Additionally, they raise funds for ocean-oriented conservation and protection groups such as Sea Shepherd. 


Clean Ocean Foundation

Established in 2000, Clean Ocean Foundation is an Australian environmental charity whose principle purpose is to preserve marine environment by stopping all forms of ocean pollution.

Their biggest victory has been the fourteen-year campaign to clean up Melbourne’s largest outfall on the Mornington Peninsula. The project culminated in the Victorian State Government spending over 400 million dollars in upgrading its waste water treatment plant.

Clean Ocean Foundation continues to work with communities, other NGO’s, governments and businesses to reduce marine and coastal pollution. This includes working for the closure or upgrade to world’s best practice of all outfalls that spill sewerage or anything else into our delicate coastal environment.


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