At Gold Coast Dive Adventures, we operate two custom build dive vessels in full commercial survey. Both vessels have been purposely designed for diving operations and we further keep maximum numbers at a level that ensures a more than comfortable diver to deck space ratio.

Blue Manta II

A 9m monohull aluminium vessel with sheltered seating for all divers. It is the perfect dive vessel for our dive sites within 30min to 60min travel time. As soon as you board Blue Manta II, you will instantly feel that she has been planned and set up by experienced divers. Be sure to be impressed by the attention to detail. The spacious deck ensures that every diver has heaps of space to gear up and to relax in between dives. There is a dive ladder, shade canopy, sun deck as well as a toilet. Access to the water is via backwards roll entry over the sides or via giant strike off the stern. Whilst surveyed for 14 people, we limit our dive groups on Blue Manta II to 8 divers plus our dive guide, ensuring we maintain our small group dive tour feel.

An added advantage is that despite Blue Manta II’s size, it possesses a trailer which allows us to conduct occasional special diving tours at more remote locations such as Flinders Reef or Northern New South Whales, departing from either Redcliffe or Tweed Heads.

Blue Manta

Blue Manta is a 6m long semi inflatable, rigid hull Airib vessel. There is no denying that RIB’s are the most suitable dive vessels in respect to access to the water. Blue Manta has a beautiful dive ladder, tank rack, shade canopy and a comfortable bench seat at the rear. The tank rack converts to a bench seat as well which makes this boat a perfect all-round eco tour vessel. Whilst surveyed for 9 people, we limit maximum numbers to 5 divers plus our dive guide.

Blue Manta is manly used for our nearby reef dives, learn to dive courses, advanced dive exploration, whale watching tours and island adventure tours.