12 Week Work Exchange Divemaster Internship – All you need to know

At Gold Coast Dive Adventures, we offer Work Exchange Divemaster Internships. This program runs over approximately 12 weeks with 1-3 agreed working days. Beyond the 1-3 days per week, you are welcome to spend additional time at our dive centre in order to gain as much experience as possible. We currently operate on 3 days per week.


Do I need to be available 12 weeks in a row?

Generally, yes, however we understand that everyone has the occasional birthday party or wedding to go to so there is some flexibility. Bear in mind that weather conditions will naturally cause breaks within your internship. It also depends on how many interns we have at the time. Several students will allow us to work out a more flexible approach. In any case, you should not be in a rush to complete the cause.


How many interns are there at any given time?

We limited the DM internships to a maximum of 3 at the time on rating roster. The more interns we have, the more flexible we can be in terms on rosters.


How much does it cost?

The internship is free of charge for you provided you; however, we do require you to purchase your own Divemaster Theory Online via the PADI website. This will ensure that you will commit yourself to the course.


Are there any additional costs?

Yes. You will need a current First Aid and CPR certificate as well as a current occupational Dive Medical. Once you are getting to your certification, there are PADI fees such as application fees, membership fees and dive master insurance fees payable directly by you.

We also don’t provide you with dive equipment for your use, but we are able to offer you unbeatable deals in order to purchase your own.


What do I need to get accepted?

  • We need to meet and greet to have a chat
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Be available for at least 12 weeks (weather depending)
  • Be a qualified Rescue Diver
  • Be physically capable and healthy
  • Be a confident diver with at least 40 logged dives


What does the DM course involve?

The PADI Divemaster Course is the first professional level of diving qualifications. To find out more about the course content and pre-requisites, visit the PADI website: https://www.padi.com/courses/divemaster


I am not a Rescue Diver yet but super keen. Can I still be considered?

If you are an Advanced Open Water Diver and believe that you are a confident enough to already guide other divers and have at least 30 logged dives, then still contact us to have a chat. We might be able to extend your internship length to accommodate the Rescue part of your training.


Where from here?

As a first step please email us with short introduction about yourself and your diving experience. We will then arrange a meeting. Email to info@goldcoastdiveadventures.com.au.