Save 20% on all Gold Coast boat and shore dives.

It’s here! Your simple and straight forward frequent diver rewards program has just launched. No catches, no contracts but pure savings for those that dive with us frequently.


How does it work?

For an upfront payment of $145, you will receive a 12-month membership that allows you to book all our Gold Coast boat and shore dives with a 20% discount. The best thing about it is that this includes all associated gear hire but there is even more!


Your Benefits

– 20% off Gold Coast boat dives and shore dives
– 20% off scuba gear hire in combination with scheduled dive trips
– 20% off selected scuba equipment items as advertised from time to time
– 20% off merchandise items


Is it worth for me? Let’s make the math

It’s a simple calculation. If you hire all equipment for your dives, you will need to dive with us only 4 times in order to recover your 1 off membership payment! From the 5thdive, you will enjoy a $39 discount every time you book a double boat dive (based on $195). On top of that, you can purchase selected gear items at great prices as well.

If you own all your gear and only need tanks, you will need to dive with us 6 times in order to recover your upfront payment. From the 5thdive trip, you can enjoy a $26 saving, every time you book a double boat dive (based on $130).


Where is the catch?

There is no catch! We simply reward you for your loyalty. Unlike a gym membership, we don’t rely in you staying away and keep paying us. There is no lock in contract or other commitments.


How to use the discount?

We will issue you a unique Promotion code for our online booking system. Every time you book a dive online, simply enter your personal promo code and the system will automatically apply your discount.


Ready to save money?