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Duration: 2 or 3 Days (approx.)
Location: Runaway Bay, QLD

Fall in love with the ocean in the most natural way possible. Learn how to safely and comfortably dive to depths of up to 15m or more! This course is your first step into free diving, teaching you the techniques, discipline and relaxation required to be able to interact with the underwater world in the most natural way possible (no scuba tanks required).

PADI Freediver Course

Learn how to safely and comfortably dive to depths of up to 16m! This course is your first step into free diving, teaching you the techniques, discipline and relaxation required to be able to interact with the underwater world in the most natural way possible (no scuba tanks required).

During this course one of our highly experienced instructors will teach you to become comfortable holding your breath and relaxing your mind, allowing you to reach potentials and depths you thought were previously out of your grasp.

Freediving has many disciplines, both in confined water and in the ocean, so finding and area you enjoy and can excel in is easy. This course will introduce you to these different disciplines and help you excel in whatever path you choose to go.

If you have ever wanted to experience the beauty of the ocean and the creatures which reside within it, without having to carry all the heavy equipment required for SCUBA. Then this is the course for you!

This course is structured over either two or three days. We always suggest to opt in for the optional third day, to further solidify the skills you learn on the first two days. However both options certify you as a PADI Freediver.

Study starts at home with PADI’s online eLearning theory component. Once booked onto the course you will be sent a link to access the material which you can then complete at your own pace prior to joining us for the practical sessions.

On day one you will commence your course in the pool for confined water training. We will start with a breathing workshop introducing you to the art of breath, before looking over the minimal amount of equipment needed to Freedive safely. Once in the pool your instructor will help you become comfortable mastering breathing techniques, breath holding, swimming techniques and safety techniques. You will be given as much time as you need to get comfortable before we head to the ocean for day 2.

On day two we will meet at our dive shop and get ready to board one of our custom built dive vessels and hit the ocean! We will head offshore to take everything you learnt in the pool and put it into practice in the ocean. Learning how to descend into the depths in a controlled and safe manner.

We also offer private instruction for our Freediver courses for one-on-one learning or any sized group you desire. Get in touch with us for more information regarding this.


Course Summary

  • Get certified to Freedive safely to a depth of 15m or more!
  • Get started today with PADI eLearning as soon as you sign up
  • Course runs over 2 days. With the optional  additional 1 day of fun diving to practice and embed your skills


Course Structure

Day 1 –  Will include an introduction to freediving, breathing workshops, breath hold techniques and practice and safety techniques in a heated swimming pool.

Day 2 – (Runaway Bay Marina) will be your final day of formal training, and your first day diving from the boat, completing depth and safety training before being granted the PADI Freediver certified status!!

Day 3 – This day is optional, however highly recommended, on this day we will head offshore to one of our beautiful reefs or wrecks, and practice what we have learnt in the last two days and just have a fun day of diving!

Course Inclusions

  • Small group training (1 – 4 students)
  • PADI eLearning & certification card
  • Pool/confined water training
  • open water training dives in the ocean
  • All equipment included for the course


  • Minimum 15 years of age
  • Able to swim
  • Be of good physical and mental health
  • No medical is needed unless you are over 45 years of age or you have a YES response upon your medical decleration
  • Check our calendar for available start dates,  however we run most of our courses on a customer basis so give us a call and we can customise our courses for when you are available!
  • Cost for dive medical in case you need one
  • Transport from your accommodation to the dive centre
  • We conduct Pool Training in a nearby swim centre
  • Your offshore boat dives are conducted off of one our custom built dive vessels
  • Check our website calendar for course dates,
  • Should we cancel the offshore dive due to weather conditions and you are unable to reschedule, you will receive a voucher instead
  • Courses and subsequent dives may need to be rescheduled due to weather conditions
  • All eLearning must be completed before the first day of training, or if you want, we can customise the course to be taught in our classroom
  • To reschedule your first course day due to sickness, 3 days’ notice is required and a medical certificate. Any other cancellation reasons require 5 days’ notice

Freediving Depth Training

Duration: 6 hours (approx)
Location: Runaway Bay Marina

Catering to those just certified through to the most advanced, Gold Coast Dive Adventures under the guidance of Mitch Bennett, our fanatical and passionate Freedive Instructor, will support our community in learning about safety, diving deeper, staying longer, and training towards your personal goals.

The ultimate goal of freediving will vary from person to person, but fundamentally you are seeking to achieve your personal maximum depth with maximum ease for maximum accomplishment. It is essentially about exploring your own self and your own limits and perhaps getting a glimpse of what lies slightly beyond.

Our monthly Depth training day will take us offshore to two different deep sites. With guidance and the sharing of knowledge and experience in regards to practice and techniques, we aim to provide the opportunity for all of us to achieve our personal goals.

Join us, help us create a Freediving community, and lets us grow individually and together to enjoy our magnificent underwater world.

Freediving fun days

Duration: 6 hours (approx.)
Location: Runaway Bay Marina

Our Freedive Fun days are open to all certified freedivers. Under the guidance of Freedive Instructor Mitch Bennett you will be taken offshore to two deep sites to develop your skills. Mitch understands that Freediving is not just another sport. It is a powerful, life-enriching skill and our Freedive fun days are all about providing fun, safe, focussed challenges for all involved.

Our monthly Freedive fun days and Depth training days are an invitation to our Freedive community. Join us, help us create a Freediving community and lets us grow together to enjoy our magnificent underwater world.

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