Most Gold Coast scuba divers love their shore diving around the Gold Coast Seaway and Wave Break Island, hence Greta’s Reef is yet another Gold Coast offshore dive site that is not known by many local divers. The rocky reef is located about 2 nautical miles to the south-east off the Gold Coast Seaway entrance and was named by Southport Fish and Dive Centre about 20 years ago whilst conducting an Open Water Diver Course with a female student with the name Greta.

Dive Site Information

The reef is between 20m and 23m deep and consists of a series of boulders seperated by sand. It is a true Nudibranch haven, but also resident turtles, wobbegong sharks, rays, moray eels, octopus and large schools of bait fish can be encountered at Greta’s Reef. Whilst the reef is easy to navigate, the site is recommended to be an Advanced dive due to its depth. Only experienced Open Water Divers, who are able to control their buoyancy with ease should dive the reef and stay high up within their 18m depth limit.


Greta’s Reef is known for dolphin encounters as they love the to feed on the reef. Once anchored on the reef, several other sites are in the near vicinity, making it an ideal part of a double scuba dive tour. The nearby sites include Campos Reef (30m), 80Ft Reef (25m), Migaloo Reef (18m) and the Scottish Prince Shipwreck (12m). The reef is home to a large population of stone fish, a highly venomous fish. The visibility is typically several meters better than inside the seaway and the site rarely experiences any major of current. Surge can be felt if the swell climbs above 1.5m.

More Information

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Gold Coast Dive Adventures runs regular offshore boat dives for certified divers to our local reefs and wrecks.